Jim Wilcox Biography

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Jim Wilcox is best known for capturing the West on canvas.

As a full-time artist since 1969, Wilcox has been ''Canvassing the West'' with his vivid impressionistic landscapes.  Through his travels and local outings, he has created thousands of paintings that narrow down and embody the Spirit of the West while still conveying its grandeur.  His fine artistic style and compositional good sense have helped to make him one of the most recognized artists in Western art.  He has received many major awards, including the Prix de West Award in 1987 and Frederic Remington Award i n both 2002 and 2007 from the prestigious Prix de West Show.

As a resident of Jackson Hole, WY, Wilcox is perhaps best known for portraying his beloved Teton Range.  But his talent extends far beyond the valley he lives in.  He has traveled extensively and painted many places throughout the world.