PAUL de LONGPRE Biography

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Born in Lyon, Paris into an aristocratic, albeit poor, family, Paul de Longpre began drawing at a young age.  By the time he was twelve he was earning a living painting flowers on fans for a firm in Paris.  At age 21 he exhibited at the Paris Salon and was well known in Paris before immigrating to New York City in 1890. After six years of poverty, a successful exhibition in 1896 established his national reputation and freedom from financial worries.  In 1898 he and his family moved to Los Angeles where he built a palatial Mission-Moorish home on the corner of Cahuenga & Hollywood Boulevards.  It was a tourist attraction that was attended by 25,000 visitors annually.  An expert floriculturist, his three acre garden held 4,000 rose bushes from which he derived much of his subject matter.  A street in Hollywood is named for the man called ''Le Roi des Fluers.''  de Longpre died there on June 29, 1911.