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Artful Players: Artistic Life in Early San Francisco
Birgitta Hjalmarson (Author)

Prolific production of some of America's greatest paintings developed into a distictly California style.  Within little more than two decades San Francisco transformed itself into a sophisticated metropolis rivaling those of the East.  Albert Bierstadt, Thomas Hill and William Keith were among the many artists who documented Yosemite Valley and the state's other natural wonders.  Grace Hudson's paintings are still considered some of the finest records of Native American Culture.  Theodore Wores brought the colorful culture of Chinese immigrants to the general public.  Birgitta Hjalmarson deftly brings these artists back to life, partly because their story is long overdue, partly because it is such a rollicking good one.

ISBN 1-890449-01-6256 pages  HARDBOUND

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