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Japonisme Comes to America: The Japanese Impact on the Graphic Arts 1876-1925
Julia Meek and Gabriel P. Weisberg (Author)

This book focuses on the Japanese influence on American works on paper - watercolors, etchings, sketches, and woodcuts (or ukiyo-e prints), of which Hokusai and Hiroshige were masters.  Produced in large numbers at a low price, the ukiyo-e woodcut print was snapped up by Europeans and Americans at the end of the nineteenth century.  The artistic impact in America of these prints and of Japan itself is traced in this fascinating and innovative book.

ISBN 0-8109-3205-5 HARDBOUND

Beautifully illustrated with 192 illustrations of which 48 plates are in color.  256 pages total.

CONDITION REPORT:  This is a used book in great condition with  no missing pages.  All pages are intact and unmarked.

Price: $35.00


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