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The Journal of San Diego History, Summer 1977

Southern California's peaceful back country near Warner's Hot Springs is depicted on the cover by San Diego artist Maurice Braun. The life and work of this accomplished painter of the early twentieth century is discussed in an article in this issue of the Journal by Martin E. Petersen, Curator of Painting at the San Diego Fine Arts Gallery.

Braun is perhaps the best known of San Diego's first painters. Born in Hungary, he emigrated to the United States with his family in the 1880's. Starting out in New York City as a portrait painter, Braun soon moved to the West where he made his mark as a landscapist. In 1912 he founded the San Diego Fine Arts Academy and in 1929 joined with ten other local artists including Alfred Mitchell, Charles Fries and Everett Gee Jackson to from the Contemporary Artists of San Diego. Braun reached the height of his popularity during the 1920's.


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