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Bertha Lum (American Printmakers: A Smithsonian Series)
and Carol Pulin Mary Evans O'Keefe Gravalos (Author)

Bertha Lum, an American artist active from the 1900's through the 1930's, made a significant contribution to the Japonisme movement with her woodblock prints and paintings. Lum's prints combine sinuous Art-Nouveau curves with flat planes of color that harken back to 19th century ukiyo-e. The subject of her work ranges from children to landscapes to mysterious figures from Asian folklore and legend.  Perhaps because she was a foreigner and could only experience Asian life on the outside, Lum envisioned Asia as an exotic, magical place full of lantern light, swirling smoke, and smiling women, a vision which still appeals to viewers today.

You will find great examples of her work in this amazing paperback book.


112 pages 70 B&W 21 color illustration and 2 photographs ISBN 1-56098-008-7  SOFTBOUND  $25.00

CONDITION:  Used - Like new, pages are clean and unmarked.  No missing pages, dents or bends.

Price: $25.00


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