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DeRu’s Fine Arts Background

Since its founding by DeWitt McCall in 1969, DeRu’s Fine Arts has been a leader in the field of Early California Impressionism and American Impressionist art. We no longer have our galleries, having closed them in 2020.  They were in Laguna Beach and Bellflower, California, and showcased the finest examples of the genre, featuring many of the most famous artists of the period.   One could find outstanding pieces from such artists as Granville Redmond, Edgar Payne, William Wendt, Maurice Braun, John Gamble, Frank Cuprien, Hanson Puthuff, A.G.Ryder, Marion Wachtel, and Anna Hills, to name but a few. DeRu was a recognized leader in authentication and has long been the official representative for the estate of Edgar Payne.

The gallery’s inventory was extensive and well-chosen.  There was a guarantee of the authenticity concerning works presented by DeRu’s and the art was sold in premier condition and expertly framed in hand-carved frames of the period.

DeRu’s Fine Arts was a founding member of FADA (Fine Art Dealers Association) and had been at the forefront of the California art community for over 40 years, providing expertise in art consultation, appraisals, conservation, and education to collectors, museums, authors, and researchers in the field of California and American Impressionism.

In addition, DeRu stocked over 80 titles of art reference books related to the Early California and American Impressionist Periods. Many of these works are treasures in themselves, and DeRu’s carried many out-of-print and hard-to-find titles. Currently, DeRu’s is the publisher of the outstanding reference book by Edgar Payne, “Composition of Outdoor Painting.”

In its day, DeRu’s Fine Arts was the pre-eminent source for purchasing, selling, consigning, conserving, researching, and appraising Early California Impressionist and American Impressionist fine art.

With the passing of DeWitt McCall, DeRu’s Fine Arts, the store’s physical locations have been closed.

Today, the gallery operates virtually online as the sole source of the most recent edition of “Composition of Outdoor Painting.”  Please contact us today to experience the pleasure of dealing with one of America’s foremost art galleries.

We are delighted to serve you !

California Artists 1935-1956